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Hey, I’m still here!

Been a while since I last posted, not really sure why.

Life is better, marginally but still….

This last week has been a roller coaster, deep down one day but by the end of the week back to new heights.
We saw 9 people killed in their church by a 21 yr old, white, racist asshole because they were black.
We saw several states in the south take down the confederate flag and more at least discussing doing same.
Argued on FB about the rational behind the civil war. Assholes can come up with every reason under the sun except the one the states said was the cause. Slavery. That was the reason, full stop.
The supreme court upheld the ACA.
The supreme court upheld SSM. By reiterating that all humans are equal. Not a new concept for sure but one that seems to have to be litigated over and over. Some people may be equal in the eyes of the law but not all their fellow humans look at it that way. Always seems to be something. Color/religion/lack of religion/gender/gender identity/place of birth/bank account/…..

For 9 people and their families in SC a really bad week. And that makes it very bad for all of us. The good stuff doesn’t make up for this at all. It’s good stuff, no doubt, but compensation? No fucking way. Nine people, all their relatives/friends, lives torn apart by some murdering fuck who has hatred for skin color. Those people were chosen to die, for one of the worst reasons possible, just that of being alive.

I’m out of words.



Written by Ruckus

June 27, 2015 at 12:11 pm

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Life Today

I sit here warm and safe and wonder really how much life hasn’t changed in decades. Cops are still abusing people for reasons that fail me. Banks are still screwing their customers, at least we know it’s for money.. Wall St. is still gambling with OPM, as it has always been. Except now they have been able to rig the game in their favor even more. Cars last longer and do get better mileage but in the US we fail pretty miserably at public rapid transit. Our roads and bridges are crap but we have tax paid stadiums. Our schools seem to be top heavy with administration and test taking but not nearly as much thinking as the foreseeable future requires. Many of our jobs have been sent away, not to save us money but to make more for people who don’t need more. Health care? Don’t make me laugh, it hurts too much.

Written by Ruckus

October 24, 2012 at 11:30 pm

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