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When do we come to our senses

Of course Digby gets it right again.

This is why we need progressive politicians who understand consequences of the laws they pass and of the damage that happens when idealism gets in the way of realism.

I believe in choice.

I believe in choice where I live.

I believe in choice what I eat.

I believe in choice of who I live with.

I believe in choice of what I do for a living.

I believe in choice of religion, or not.

I believe it’s my choice of what I say.

I believe that it’s my choice to do what I want/need to do with my body

I believe that every person should have these choices.

I believe that I don’t have the choice to make these decisions for others.

I believe along with choice comes responsibility to own those choices.

If this makes me a DFH, so what?

If this makes someone call me a liberal. all the better.

Abortion is not an easy decision for anyone to make, but how is it even possible that I could make the decision to limit that choice when I could never be the one that gives up the possibility growing inside them? Children are what life is all about but making them suffer when that is the only outcome is cruel and is absolutely punishment for all concerned.

Modern medicine (when you can get it) has given us the ability to see the future where birth is concerned. We have to use that vision maturely, wisely and sometimes we have to do the humane thing and not allow suffering for no good reason.

Dr. Tiller seems to have been a very compassionate and humane person and the world has been diminished greatly with this very inhumane act.


Written by Ruckus

June 1, 2009 at 11:18 pm