Yes it's a blog – but you knew that

Day One

Another blog -who’d a thought.

So not only am I full of crap, I’m a smart ass.

But that doesn’t mean anything because contrary to some opinions, none expressed here yet, I am human. So I start this journey to see what’s around the next bend, to see if another sunrise brings a better day. I’ve had a lot of days, not as many as some, more than others. Some of those days have been great, over the top days, some not so much. I’ll be writing about both as they hit me. Some of my crap will be political but not too much here. I hope it will be entertaining but that of course is not the point. I hope to hear back from you when a story hits a spot you like or that affects you in some way.



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February 13, 2009 at 1:32 am

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